Ayala Naphtali

Ayala Naphtali is a native NYC based metalsmith/jewelry maker with a studio in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She began making jewelry in her early teens. She studied Gold and Silversmithing at FIT and SUNY NEW PALTZ where she received her BFA in 1985.

Ayala’s work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally in galleries and museums shops and design stores. Her work has been collected privately, and in the permanent collection of Cooper Hewitt and Kunsindustriumuseum in Norway, The White House ornament collection. Ayala has exhibited in major national juried art shows such as American Craft Exposition in Baltimore, SOFA, Cherry Creek Arts Festival and numerous others annually. Selected publications include American Craft Magazine, ELLE, The Fashions of The Times, The New York Times, Mademoiselle, Women’s Wear Daily, Glamour, and New Women Magazine, New York Post. Ayala has been a juror for The American Craft Council Craft Shows.

Ayala strives for balance and proportion and feels as if each piece must find its axis on the wearer. The work is designed to be elegant, with minimal and bold forms.

Ayala’s work is an exploration of form and materials, each equally important. She feels firmly rooted in the historical tradition of her craft. Ayala is committed to the use of materials, for their color texture and versatility. Often the material is the inspiration for the piece of jewelry being designed. Coconut shells, and other natural materials, dyed and carved, are used to achieve rich color and texture. Forging, fabricating, and casting are used to create pieces with dimension and volume.