Jasmin Zorlu

I was born in Germany and raised in the wonderlands of Iceland and Japan, where I developed a fascination for all things modern and minimal. My artist mother took me to art museums and galleries all over the world, which led me to pursue my undergraduate degree in Art History. However, in my junior year of college in Michigan, I took a theatrical millinery course and became hooked by the sculptural possibilities of the powerful accessory of the HAT. I’ve been designing and making headwear for almost 3 decades, with a brief foray as a corporate footwear designer.  I have also taught millinery to fashion students at Parsons School of Design as an adjunct Professor for 3 1/2 years.

Mission statement:
I play with an organic concept of design morphed with an elegant directive from the Art Deco Era. Hand made with clean, deliberate structure and linework, my futuristic headwear transcends traditional notions of time and space. The hats are highly versatile and can be worn a myriad of ways, depending on the wearer’s mood (frontwards, backwards, or sideways). I enjoy creating sculptural headwear to decorate and protect the cranium in the form of cloches, turbans, helmets, and other fun shapes from the eco friendly materials of fish leather, handwoven straws, wool felt and upcycled sweaters.

Jasmin Zorlu Millinery specializes in creating handmade sculptural headwear with a futuristic aesthetic for individuals who enjoy transcending time and space.

Kat Von D, Erykah Badu, Neil Young, and Tom Waits have bought my hats. Also, Bjork and Nick Cave have one!