Jonathan Simons

Jonathan Simons has a passion for wood and a profound passion for purpose. He started designing wooden spoons over 40 years ago back when he would travel to the local health food store and trade spoons for food.

Jonathan studied Art at the University of Illinois in Chicago where he was educated from the perspective of the Bauhaus; his primary focus being the concept that Form Follows Function. He studied furniture design but found the simplicity of a wooden spoon met his connection. Through his experimentation in the world of spoons, he has gained patents and trademarks for inventing spoons the world has never seen.

“Each design I create has a purpose in mind. I also work to have each spoon balance effortlessly in your hand –right or left – so you can easily create in your kitchen too. We spend a good amount of time cooking, so my intention is to make cooking a delightful experience.”

From the hand of the Artist to the hand of the chef

Missed shows this year:
American Craft Council Atlanta, American Craft Council St Paul, American Craft Council San Francisco, Longs Park Art Festival, Smithsonian Craft Show, Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show and more.

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